Book One

When Blake Roberts is released from prison, he decides to follow his dream to become a successful impressionist painter and opens an art studio in Wilmington, North Carolina. But when an accident leaves him completely blind, he becomes a recluse - shutting himself away in his studio with only his shattered dreams as company. Blake is lost to total darkness until he is visited by Julian, a small boy, who comes out of nowhere.

And Blake can see him.

Inspired by Julian's visits, Blake begins to paint the boy's likeness. For six months he paints Julian and the portraits become famous. Blake is heralded as an enigma for his ability to paint without the use of his eyes and he finds a second chance in this mysterious relationship with Julian. Until one day there is a knock at Blake's door. A woman, claiming to be Julian's mother, demands to know where her son is.

Julian has been missing for over six months.

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